Weekend Adventures

Once again the weekend has flown by and was a ton of fun, we didn’t really go anywhere but the temps got up to 40 degree’s and the sun came out, we couldn’t ask for much more in Ohio!!

Saturday started off with homemade chocolate chip cookies and both of my little helpers jumped right in! They were both helping to make them and of course taste test.

This is how we taste test!
This is how we taste test!

Notice legs under the cooling racks, he completely took this job over! He might have taken a few bites out of cookies that he didn’t intend on finishing and placed them back on the rack but hey, they’re our cookies so it was all ok 🙂

Chocolatey cookie face!
Chocolatey cookie face!

He’s picked out the best one’s and will be on his way with his bowl of cookies!

With the warm weather on Saturday we even managed to get outside to play and I got to practice my photography a little bit more, those pics are to come on Wednesday but here’s a sneak peak of my littlest man!

1623723_10102253532250334_491224165_nI managed to complete my fun crochet project this weekend as well, those pics are to come soon, I still need to snap those! 🙂 But all in all it was a very productive weekend!

And who can forget my weekly snapshot of my little man, exhausted after a day of play. Here he is with Rex, taking a much needed nap!!




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