Weekend Fun!

The weekend always seems to fly by and this weekend was no exception! The weather has been a little nicer around here lately too so I’m thankful for that even though we’re supposed to get another clipper again tomorrow. Gotta take what we can get.

My boys were enjoying the nice weather last night as I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner, when we glanced out to make sure everything was ok and saw the two of them playing so sweetly I instantly had to grab the camera and snap a few pics!





We also had a little excitement at the house, my nearly 18 month old managed to climb out of his crib. We had a feeling this day was coming we just didn’t have everything as ready as we liked haha Toddlers always keep you on your toes! We’re now in the process of making him a little toddler bed and those pics are to follow, hopefully it will be done by the weekend!


And what’s a weekend without the baby and puppy nap time 🙂



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