18 Month Photo Shoot – Attempt #1

In just two days my little one will be 18 months old, I don’t know where the time has gone! He has grown so much and is learning so much, it’s amazing how smart they are and how much they soak up of the world around them. Watching him grow and play and interact with the people and animals around him every day is truly a blessing, totally worth all of my sleepless nights 😀

As this boy grows and matures his true personality is starting to show through, he may be a little bullheaded, stubborn and demanding at times but it’s because he knows what he wants.

He has a very soft heart and loves deep, he knows and understands the different ways to play with his brother, compared to the dog compared to our two cats.

He loves to give great big bear hugs.

And he LOVES to wear his hat, even to bed!

He loves the outdoors and never wants to come in the house even when its 20 degrees.

He enjoys Sesame Street and Spongebob (against his dad’s wishes). And loves music and dancing.

My little man is pretty darn ornery too 🙂 Here are a few shots from last weekends shoot that I did with him, he refused to look at the camera and would smirk when I would try to get him to look up. May attempt a 2nd shoot this weekend, we’ll see what mother nature holds for us!


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