Wedding Whirlwind

You know, after watching many of my friends get  married and seeing so many different TV shows about weddings I really should have known that this would be a lot of work. But in normal Melissa fashion I took the “everything will somehow come together approach”. My wedding is another 6 months away and I have just now decided to start planning this shindig! And actually now that I’m thinking of this, 6 months isn’t that much time!! haha As if running my family and my business weren’t enough to turn me gray!

I never realized just how many different resources are out there to help you plan your big day. Going through site after site trying to figure out exactly what I want, how do I not know what I want? So indecisive! But thank you Pinterest! I think they might actually save me in my procrastination, so many fabulous ideas and so many creative people out there!

Found the venue, picked the date, started my guest list and will start designing the invites this week. Aye so much more to do!!


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