Splash Lagoon Adventures!

What a fun and refreshing weekend!! Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday so to celebrate we took a little weekend getaway to Splash Lagoon! Sometimes those little weekend trips that are still close to home are the best, we were able to drive up Friday evening and completely turn off for the weekend. Putting down that darn cell phone is always tough but its often much needed!

First thing Saturday morning we headed down to the pools to try and beat the crowds, plus we have a toddler who wakes up at the crack of dawn so we were waiting for the park to open! I was so proud of little Drew, he always claimed to be afraid of heights and never wanted to ride anything that might be scary. He went off with his dad and the very first water slide they chose was called the Hurricane Hole and its just that (thank goodness I was across the park with our other son and had no idea he was going on this thing), it shoots you down a tube slide in complete darkness then opens up into a huge vat that can get you going up to 40 mph spinning in circles as you work your way to this hole in the bottom that spits you out into a pool of 6 ft water! He LOVED that slide and ran back to do it again. Side note, I watched a grown adult get pulled out of that pool by the life guard later that day…needless to say, I did not go on that slide!

Thankfully I was safely positioned over at the kiddie pool with Ethan 🙂 Who we have now learned is EXTREMELY shy! The pools weren’t too busy first thing in the morning and this kid did the death grip around my neck with his arms. He would not let me put him down, I even tried to sit in the pool with him on my lap as he screamed and cried the whole time. We thought maybe as the day went on things would get better, but nope, he clung to my neck as he looked at all of the people around him. We even found a warmer pool, like bath water, he calmed down a bit but would not let go of my neck.

I think we enjoyed our time at the water park even though some of us hardly got into the pools, but let me just say, we were all REALLY happy to be home! There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed (with no toddler kicking you, rolling into you, taking your pillow) and having all of your toys at your fingertips 🙂 Ethan pretty much emptied his toy box the minute we got home and little Drew was back on his Kindle. Exhausting but much needed time away!!


* Let me just add this, the Comfort Inn attached to the park was awesome, the room was very clean, we got the kids bunk bed sweet. Drew had his own little privacy wall and TV and DVD player. Very nice stay, we recommend it to any young families 🙂 Oh, one minus…the “hot” breakfast, wasn’t so “hot” we had to go back to the room to microwave it and we were there as soon as the food came out!


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