Weekend Wrap-Up!

It was another busy weekend, never enough time it seems. Saturday started off with a little wedding dress shopping which actually went a lot better than I anticipated except I wish I had more time, felt very rushed but we did end up finding dresses and should be all set for the wedding! Woohoo!! Now to find the boys outfits 🙂 I had to cut my shopping time short so we could head out to my nephews birthday party. Drew had fun, Ethan really just took all the craziness in haha One day he will be a 5 year old wild child too!

Sunday we ended up at the market and got some fresh spring water where I saw my first ever Bald Eagle not in captivity!! I wish I had my camera or phone on me so I could have taken a pic, it was really nice to see him flying high in the air and able to spread his wings! After that we went out to Akron to do a walk for AFSP, it was really nice and the weather was perfect for it. It was great to see so many people come together to help such a cause. After the walk I let my kids run around for a bit before having to get back into the car for another long drive home, here’s a before pic of the happy kids, shortly after this pic was taken someone crash landed on their face and wound up with a bloody lip and huge goose egg. Oh Ethan!


Even with all of this running around this weekend I still managed to print off my Save the Date cards and got half of them mailed out today! I ran out of stamps though so the rest will be going out tomorrow but they’re all at least stuffed and addressed and ready to go!! Phew, one more task done!


I also noticed that my weekend baby and animal naps have kinda fallen apart, with the warmer weather it seems we’re never home and he’s often napping in the car. But I did manage to sneak this little pow-pow meeting this morning among 3 of them 😀


Almost glad its the work week again and I can stop my running! Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


AFSP Walk This Weekend

As many of you may recall I lost my cousin last month to suicide, she was way too young and loved to leave us all so soon. This weekend there will be a walk at Akron U to help support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). We will be meeting at noon on Sunday at the Stiles Athletic Field House. Life is too short and precious to be taken for granted, if any of you are available on Sunday we would love to see you there! For more details please go to Danielle’s Dolls.


DIY Toddler Bed Project

His bed is complete!! Let me just say that we both made a few mistakes but all in all I think the bed turned out pretty good, I mean it holds his mattress, he’s able to sleep on it and enjoys playing on it 🙂

Drew was in charge of making the frame, which is nice and sturdy, turned out really well and is able to support all of us. I was handling the upholstery which from my previous post you know that I botched that a little bit! But it’s completed and padded and my son doesn’t get hurt when he bumps into it, so I’ve done my job!

Almost complete!
Almost complete!
Finished bed!
Finished bed!

The frame of the bed is a little large but we solved that by stuffing all of his animals through the crack so he doesn’t accidentally fall through. So many happy smiley faces in there how could he not love it!

Happy Easter!

I’m beginning to realize that no matter how many days I get for a weekend it never seems to be long enough! I had a wonderful three day weekend for the Easter holiday and it seems to have flown by, Friday I spent with my youngest just shopping and playing outside about 90% of the day, it was wonderful!! Then Saturday we went to my families house for Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt for the boys. I think everyone had a great time and Ethan impressed me with his egg hunting skills! I really didn’t know if he’d understand what he was supposed to do but once he started he had a blast.


Then Sunday we went to my in-laws for Easter dinner and another Easter egg hunt. Ethan had so much fun at the egg hunt the previous day he started early on this one and we had to re-hide half of the eggs! He was so proud of himself for finding them and didn’t understand why we kept taking them away from him haha He also really enjoyed playing with the dogs that were there, I think we have another animal lover on our hands!


As for the Easter bunny, I think he treated our boys pretty well! Drew got a new hamster, he’s been begging us for one and doing extra chores so he was thrilled to finally get to pick out “Steve” the newest member to our family 🙂 Even though the hamster wheel seems to keep him up at  night he says he still loves him! And Ethan got brand new tricycle, it’s a little large, his feet don’t come close to reaching the floor but he enjoys scooting on it or if we push him around on it he’ll take that too.

Now we’re back to the grind! Never seems to be enough time in my weekends but we always seem to make do!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter!

And The Winner Is…

Busy day, I meant to get this posted first thing this morning…but the winner of my Pin It – To – Win It contest is……. Megan from Megan’s Beaded Designs!!


I’ve also been busy trying to finish up my sons toddler bed, after my little upholstery fiasco I decided to go with the good ol’ staple gun method 🙂 However, wouldn’t you know it we only have short staples! So I have half of the bed stapled up but need the longer staples to finish off some corners and such. Definitely not how I envisioned this project but you live and learn!! Hopefully I will have some pictures for everyone on Friday’s blog!

Ever Try Upholstery?!?

What a gorgeous weekend!! Wish it wouldn’t have ended, the weather was perfect and filled with non-stress fun! Well mostly non-stress 🙂 As you might recall, my 18 month old climbed out of his crib a few weeks ago and we were making him a toddler bed. My boyfriend finished his part of the project so then it was my turn to upholster it so he doesn’t get hurt while rolling all around.

Well, Saturday I applied the batting to the frame and pinned up half of the fabric (ran out of pins and had to sew up the first half to free up more pins). Yesterday, I tried sewing what I had so carefully pinned. Now mind you, I have never upholstered anything before, well besides seat cushions that are super easy. In my mind I did everything correct, thought about it long and hard before cutting and sewing, was super excited once it was sewn up and went to make sure it fit the frame. Then the “Oh, Shit!” moment occurred! I pinned the “wrong side” of the fabric to the frame, not thinking that when I flip it over the inside corners are now the outside and the outside are now the inside 😦

Thankfully, I can use most of it for the other end of the bed with a few alterations needed but was so incredibly bummed when I went to lay it out on the frame. At least I don’t have to go buy more fabric, but I think this will be my project tonight and possibly tomorrow night, to finish this darn thing. Lesson learned!

Here’s a pic of my boys enjoying the frame 🙂 Ethan has learned that this is his bed and seems to hide everything that he believes to be his on his bed. Saturday he had a Nerf gun, a handful of pebbles and then found a can of paint that we were going to recycle, he lugged that thing to his bed and placed it on top, looked at it and grabbed his pebbles and placed them on top of the can (I think he was trying to hide it under the pebbles!) That boy is a riot!



Lastly, don’t forget tomorrow is the last day of my pin it-to-win it contest!! Get your pins in now and read up on the rules on my previous blog 

Sunny Day = Photoshoot!!

What a beautiful weekend!! We’ve been waiting for this weather, I believe it was 60 degree’s and sunny, no complaining here! We took a nice country drive yesterday out to Beaver Creek. The boys slept on the way there (only about 20-30 minutes away) but the drive back they were both wide eyed and looking for all of the cows, horses, donkey’s, sheep and chickens on the way home. Love living so close to the country 🙂 We even stopped off and bought a few farm fresh eggs!

Beaver Creek is one of those parks that I’ve driven by I don’t know how many times but never actually walked a trail so it was a fun experience for all of us. Ethan was a little apprehensive at first but quickly warmed up to it and especially the water, he really wanted to play in the river! Such a beautiful park and there’s so much for us to explore this summer. While there I managed to get a handful of cute spring pics of the boys (Ethan’s 18 month pics as well!) I think they turned out pretty well, considering it was high noon and Ethan isn’t quite the ham that his brother once was!

Found My Drafting Table!

I’ve been trying to clean out my workspace a little bit and trying to find my desk and drafting table again so I can be productive and in doing so I found a few items that I started back in November/December before my holiday rush started and these items never got finished. My plan for the next week or two is to finish all of those unfinished projects and reclaim my drafting table that has been holding all of these random projects and skeins of yarn!

I finished my first of those random projects last night, it’s a newborn, knit hat in cream and lavender. The yarn used for the lavender part is one of the softest I’ve felt, it’s a boucle and is acrylic but my, oh my is it soft!! I also added a pompom to each side of the hat, almost looks like ears but I think that’s what gives it character. I’ve been contemplating stitching a face on the front of it but can’t decide, so for right now it’s complete. Things could change though!

What do you think of my new hat?!?

Love these baby hats, I may finish another baby hat this weekend too, if I have the yarn in stock!

Was also planning on doing a little photo session with my boys for Easter this weekend but now they’re saying its going to be a little chilly (or chillier than I like) so I’m leaning against that now. We’ll see, you can never trust Ohio weather!

New Collection & Contest Time!!

Now that winter is over, or I’m at least telling myself its over, I’m getting ready for next season’s line of items for my Etsy shop. I have quite a few ideas running through my head right now. Converting many items over into more natural fibers of cotton, wool and alpaca cannot wait! I think my newest line is going to be for children, with a toddler in the house again I find myself focused on his attire so if you have kids or know people with kids make sure you keep an eye on my shop in the fall of 2014! I’m also hoping to get a few new pics taken in the coming weeks to help unify my shop and make it a little more cohesive, I feel like its still a little scattered (much like how I feel at times!) 🙂


With the thought of new items for my shop I’m going to be clearing out a few older items and one of the items to go will be my knitted cord necklaces.

So I’ve decided it’s time for another contest!!!

This is going to be another Pin It – to – Win It contest and all that you have to do is:

  1. Follow this link and Repin the necklace on Pinterest referencing Pin It – To – Win It
  2. Follow me on FacebookTwitter or Sign-Up for my monthly newsletter via my website (You do not need to do all three but for each one you do you will receive another entry.)

Contest begins today and ends on April 15th (tax day!!)

Winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday, April 16th.

The winner will have the choice of receiving the above pictured necklace in green, blue or cream OR receive 20% off a single item in my shop.

Good luck to everyone who enters!!