New Collection & Contest Time!!

Now that winter is over, or I’m at least telling myself its over, I’m getting ready for next season’s line of items for my Etsy shop. I have quite a few ideas running through my head right now. Converting many items over into more natural fibers of cotton, wool and alpaca cannot wait! I think my newest line is going to be for children, with a toddler in the house again I find myself focused on his attire so if you have kids or know people with kids make sure you keep an eye on my shop in the fall of 2014! I’m also hoping to get a few new pics taken in the coming weeks to help unify my shop and make it a little more cohesive, I feel like its still a little scattered (much like how I feel at times!) 🙂


With the thought of new items for my shop I’m going to be clearing out a few older items and one of the items to go will be my knitted cord necklaces.

So I’ve decided it’s time for another contest!!!

This is going to be another Pin It – to – Win It contest and all that you have to do is:

  1. Follow this link and Repin the necklace on Pinterest referencing Pin It – To – Win It
  2. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Sign-Up for my monthly newsletter via my website (You do not need to do all three but for each one you do you will receive another entry.)

Contest begins today and ends on April 15th (tax day!!)

Winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday, April 16th.

The winner will have the choice of receiving the above pictured necklace in green, blue or cream OR receive 20% off a single item in my shop.

Good luck to everyone who enters!!


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