Found My Drafting Table!

I’ve been trying to clean out my workspace a little bit and trying to find my desk and drafting table again so I can be productive and in doing so I found a few items that I started back in November/December before my holiday rush started and these items never got finished. My plan for the next week or two is to finish all of those unfinished projects and reclaim my drafting table that has been holding all of these random projects and skeins of yarn!

I finished my first of those random projects last night, it’s a newborn, knit hat in cream and lavender. The yarn used for the lavender part is one of the softest I’ve felt, it’s a boucle and is acrylic but my, oh my is it soft!! I also added a pompom to each side of the hat, almost looks like ears but I think that’s what gives it character. I’ve been contemplating stitching a face on the front of it but can’t decide, so for right now it’s complete. Things could change though!

What do you think of my new hat?!?

Love these baby hats, I may finish another baby hat this weekend too, if I have the yarn in stock!

Was also planning on doing a little photo session with my boys for Easter this weekend but now they’re saying its going to be a little chilly (or chillier than I like) so I’m leaning against that now. We’ll see, you can never trust Ohio weather!


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