Sunny Day = Photoshoot!!

What a beautiful weekend!! We’ve been waiting for this weather, I believe it was 60 degree’s and sunny, no complaining here! We took a nice country drive yesterday out to Beaver Creek. The boys slept on the way there (only about 20-30 minutes away) but the drive back they were both wide eyed and looking for all of the cows, horses, donkey’s, sheep and chickens on the way home. Love living so close to the country 🙂 We even stopped off and bought a few farm fresh eggs!

Beaver Creek is one of those parks that I’ve driven by I don’t know how many times but never actually walked a trail so it was a fun experience for all of us. Ethan was a little apprehensive at first but quickly warmed up to it and especially the water, he really wanted to play in the river! Such a beautiful park and there’s so much for us to explore this summer. While there I managed to get a handful of cute spring pics of the boys (Ethan’s 18 month pics as well!) I think they turned out pretty well, considering it was high noon and Ethan isn’t quite the ham that his brother once was!


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