Ever Try Upholstery?!?

What a gorgeous weekend!! Wish it wouldn’t have ended, the weather was perfect and filled with non-stress fun! Well mostly non-stress 🙂 As you might recall, my 18 month old climbed out of his crib a few weeks ago and we were making him a toddler bed. My boyfriend finished his part of the project so then it was my turn to upholster it so he doesn’t get hurt while rolling all around.

Well, Saturday I applied the batting to the frame and pinned up half of the fabric (ran out of pins and had to sew up the first half to free up more pins). Yesterday, I tried sewing what I had so carefully pinned. Now mind you, I have never upholstered anything before, well besides seat cushions that are super easy. In my mind I did everything correct, thought about it long and hard before cutting and sewing, was super excited once it was sewn up and went to make sure it fit the frame. Then the “Oh, Shit!” moment occurred! I pinned the “wrong side” of the fabric to the frame, not thinking that when I flip it over the inside corners are now the outside and the outside are now the inside 😦

Thankfully, I can use most of it for the other end of the bed with a few alterations needed but was so incredibly bummed when I went to lay it out on the frame. At least I don’t have to go buy more fabric, but I think this will be my project tonight and possibly tomorrow night, to finish this darn thing. Lesson learned!

Here’s a pic of my boys enjoying the frame 🙂 Ethan has learned that this is his bed and seems to hide everything that he believes to be his on his bed. Saturday he had a Nerf gun, a handful of pebbles and then found a can of paint that we were going to recycle, he lugged that thing to his bed and placed it on top, looked at it and grabbed his pebbles and placed them on top of the can (I think he was trying to hide it under the pebbles!) That boy is a riot!



Lastly, don’t forget tomorrow is the last day of my pin it-to-win it contest!! Get your pins in now and read up on the rules on my previous blog 


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