Happy Easter!

I’m beginning to realize that no matter how many days I get for a weekend it never seems to be long enough! I had a wonderful three day weekend for the Easter holiday and it seems to have flown by, Friday I spent with my youngest just shopping and playing outside about 90% of the day, it was wonderful!! Then Saturday we went to my families house for Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt for the boys. I think everyone had a great time and Ethan impressed me with his egg hunting skills! I really didn’t know if he’d understand what he was supposed to do but once he started he had a blast.


Then Sunday we went to my in-laws for Easter dinner and another Easter egg hunt. Ethan had so much fun at the egg hunt the previous day he started early on this one and we had to re-hide half of the eggs! He was so proud of himself for finding them and didn’t understand why we kept taking them away from him haha He also really enjoyed playing with the dogs that were there, I think we have another animal lover on our hands!


As for the Easter bunny, I think he treated our boys pretty well! Drew got a new hamster, he’s been begging us for one and doing extra chores so he was thrilled to finally get to pick out “Steve” the newest member to our family 🙂 Even though the hamster wheel seems to keep him up at  night he says he still loves him! And Ethan got brand new tricycle, it’s a little large, his feet don’t come close to reaching the floor but he enjoys scooting on it or if we push him around on it he’ll take that too.

Now we’re back to the grind! Never seems to be enough time in my weekends but we always seem to make do!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter!


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