Weekend Wrap-Up!

It was another busy weekend, never enough time it seems. Saturday started off with a little wedding dress shopping which actually went a lot better than I anticipated except I wish I had more time, felt very rushed but we did end up finding dresses and should be all set for the wedding! Woohoo!! Now to find the boys outfits 🙂 I had to cut my shopping time short so we could head out to my nephews birthday party. Drew had fun, Ethan really just took all the craziness in haha One day he will be a 5 year old wild child too!

Sunday we ended up at the market and got some fresh spring water where I saw my first ever Bald Eagle not in captivity!! I wish I had my camera or phone on me so I could have taken a pic, it was really nice to see him flying high in the air and able to spread his wings! After that we went out to Akron to do a walk for AFSP, it was really nice and the weather was perfect for it. It was great to see so many people come together to help such a cause. After the walk I let my kids run around for a bit before having to get back into the car for another long drive home, here’s a before pic of the happy kids, shortly after this pic was taken someone crash landed on their face and wound up with a bloody lip and huge goose egg. Oh Ethan!


Even with all of this running around this weekend I still managed to print off my Save the Date cards and got half of them mailed out today! I ran out of stamps though so the rest will be going out tomorrow but they’re all at least stuffed and addressed and ready to go!! Phew, one more task done!


I also noticed that my weekend baby and animal naps have kinda fallen apart, with the warmer weather it seems we’re never home and he’s often napping in the car. But I did manage to sneak this little pow-pow meeting this morning among 3 of them 😀


Almost glad its the work week again and I can stop my running! Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


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