Memorial Day Weekend

I often feel like when we get 3 day weekends we just try to cram them full of stuff and they just fly by. It was a very productive weekend and thankfully almost all of it was fun and semi-relaxing!

Since Drew is in Scouts we had to place flags on the cemetery tombstones of Veteran’s on Saturday then he got to walk in the parade yesterday It’s always a fun tradition and Ethan was so excited to see the parade this year and kept calling out his brother’s name. This pic is a little hard to see him but he’s the little head floating above the flag πŸ™‚


We also went out to our wedding venue this weekend so I could get a better feeling of what all I need to do and decorate. I just keep reminding myself that somehow this is all going to come together in the end πŸ™‚ Here’s a pic of Drew on the property, thinking a few other kids (and maybe adults) might end up like this too!


We also managed to get our garden in!! More to come on that later this week, I don’t have any pics just yet πŸ™‚

And we got to do a little photoshoot for Drew’s mom and her new real estate business (If anyone in the Kent area is looking to sell or buy let me know and I’ll get you her contact info!) but we had a lot of fun, did a few casual shots in the woods and more professional looking shots at our house. Learning more about my camera everyday πŸ™‚ Here’s a pic of me and my boys (I’m actually on the otherside of the lens this time) walking through the Poland Woods, such a gorgeous weekend!!



Cub Scout Achievements

I remember the day the flyer came home from school for our first ever Cub Scout meeting. I hung onto that flyer and placed it on the fridge so we wouldn’t forget to go. Showing up for our first meeting all of the “Tigers” were so timid and shy and no one wanted to talk to anyone much less become leaders. They were all so adorable in their little uniforms stumbling through the meetings and team building exercises. Now four years later my son is a Webelo II and only has a couple of months left of Cub Scouts. It’s amazing to see how much all of these kids have grown over the past couple of years, how much they have come out of their shells and what awesome examples they have become for their younger peers.

Drew had his advancement ceremony on Monday in the park near our house, he has already earned 7 pins and one of the Scout Masters even came up and gave him something to shoot for, the youngest Eagle Scout in our troop was 13 years old when he got that title, he believes Drew could also hit that goal. Love that others see the potential in him, hopefully he can see it too!


After the ceremony we went for a walk where my little Scout was being an awesome big brother to our youngest Scout in training!


Weekend Fun!

I’m getting behind in my blogs lately! But its been a busy week and weekend, but I love being busy so I guess that’s a good thing! The weekend started off a little dreary but it made me finish most of my chores around the house and I got to take the kids out shopping for some summer wear! We cannot wait for the nice weather to stay!

Sunday was absolutely beautiful, we woke up bright and early and decided to take the kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo. One of little Drew’s favorite places and this was going to be Ethan’s first real visit. He loves watching the NatGeo channel and reading lots of books about animals, knows most of the sounds that they make, so we were pretty excited for the trip. We got there shortly after the doors open (my favorite time to go) and we’re thinking that its still so early in the year and weather is still a little crisp and this helped most of the animals come out and move around. I hate going to the zoo when everyone is sleeping or not on display. I think we saw just about everything that we wanted to see and let me just say that carrying 22 lbs on your hip when you’re 33 is a lot harder than when you’re 23 πŸ™‚ Another one of those grand trips that you load up the stroller and end up carrying the kid the whole time!

Old Toys Become New

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and pampered your mothers like crazy!!

My Mother’s Day weekend started off with the flu 😦 Ugh, was not a fun way to start but it did allow me to have an extra long weekend so I guess I’m thankful for that. I ended up spending Friday with my youngest and enjoying the fresh air once I started feeling a little better.


Then since the weather was still wonderful we started cleaning out a few things and pulling down my oldest’s old toys and pulled them out for Ethan. Drew’s old toys have been given new life again and Ethan was very appreciative! It was like Christmas in our house. He got the old train table which Drew so kindly set up during his nap so when he woke everything was put together and the trains were ready to go. He also got a box full of Diego toys, I think I counted 3 Diego’s, 2 helicopters for him and 2 4-wheelers. Not to mention all of the little animals that needed to be rescued.



We had one happy boy after nap time!

I hope everyone else was able to relax this weekend as well!

Enjoying The Sunrise

It just hit me yesterday as I was driving home from work and someone on the radio was dedicating a song to his fiance because they were getting married in exactly 4 months (no, not my fiance hehe). I sat there and thought to myself aaw that’s sweet, then I was like, oh shit, 4 months that’s September! Where is the time going?!? I feel less prepared now that I know I only have 4 months to go πŸ™‚ Started working on my actual invitations and I believe Drew and I are going to do a little more shopping this weekend to see what other decorations and such we can find. We really need to get back out to the venue to take measurements and plan things out a little better. I’ve also started looking for outfits for the boys, oh my goodness, so many options!! Aye, time is running out!

I just keep telling myself, somehow this will all come together!

In the midst of the chaos I’ve begun my new fall line of knits for kids! Cannot wait to get a few items finished and unveil them this fall.

And every now and then I feel you need to stop and smell the roses. This morning as I listened to the thunder in the distance, knowing that the sky’s were about to open up, I took a moment to enjoy the sunrise before the clouds rolled in.


Kids Art, Flag Raising and DIY Pantry!

I just don’t know where my days are going lately! Sorry for the lack of posts last week but I’m back now and ready for some updates! Hopefully some of you may noticed that I’ve updated my website, still have a handful of changes to make to it but like this one so much more than the previous. I hope you guys do too, please check it out and let me know your thoughts!

My youngest artist was doing a fundraiser at school the other week raising funds for St. Jude and were selling canvas pieces that each child made. I never can resist this fundraiser, especially when the piece includes your child’s hand print – turned lion! ❀


This beautiful piece now flanks my front door!

This weekend we also attended Media Day at our local park, they’re apparently building a new rec center for the kids soccer and baseball teams. Our cub scout pack was invited to do the flag raising for the event and Drew and his friend were in charge of raising the state flag!


We ended our weekend by working onΒ our “pantry” project! We had one of those cheap plastic shelves to hold our stuff but Drew installed some shelves over the weekend which created a lot more room!! This is also going to allow us to empty out our dishwasher (where I previously stored all of our cutting boards and cookie sheets) and actually use our dishwasher. Brand new dishwasher, never been used! I think that was Drew’s driving force behind these shelves. Shelves still need a little finishing but they’re up and they hold our stuff so I can’t complain!!