Future Endeavors!

So many things are running through my mind right now, so many changes and so many exciting turns. One of the things that I’m going to love most about my new part time schedule and having time with my boys is learning how to really use my DSLR. I got this camera a little before Ethan was born and was scared to death of the thing!! I slowly learned the importance of shutter speed and aperture and trying to figure out how to perfectly focus the darn thing, tack sharp, that was the goal!

Love some of the moments of my boys and can’t wait to start scrap booking again, the youngest only has about 2 pages so far! Here are a few of the images I’ve taken over the past week.

10410375_10102530765288104_8823148708680384688_n (1)




One thing is for certain though, I have some amazing co-workers who know how to make a girl feel loved! What a fun week and I cannot believe all that they have done for me to show their appreciation, had to fight back those tears a couple of times. I’m glad that I’ve formed some of these relationships and made an impact on their lives because Lord knows they’ve impacted mine! I’m sure I’ll be stopping in to say hi or will probably run into a few of them outside of the office.

Wishing the best to all and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It’s the Strawberry Festival in Poland, OH this weekend, you know where to find me ๐Ÿ˜€


Amazing Coworkers & Friends

It’s so bittersweet, ending one chapter and starting a new one. Today my coworkers took me out to a farewell lunch at the local pizza shop. After seven years with these people there are definitely a few awesome people here that I will miss seeing day in and day out and so sweet of everyone to take me out. It’s also a little surreal to think that I won’t have to worry about answering the phones all day long and advisors trying to track me down and leaving 5 messages for me, but at the same time that excites me!

I started emptying out my desk this week, shredding decade old documents that no longer pertain to anything. Right now I still feel like I’m about to go on vacation, maybe even maternity leave ๐Ÿ™‚ I think when my pictures come down and my desk is truly empty it may hit me. It’s time to turn that page and look forward to the many new opportunities that are out there for me and for my family.

With all of that said I’ve been thinking long and hard about my side business and I believe design will be my way of life for a little bit with illustration and knitting on the side. My Etsy shop will see a few new changes so keep checking back and I’m still working on my new fall line. If you’re not already liking my Facebook page please go like it, follow me on twitter and be sure to stop by my Etsy shop! Spread the word to all of your friends and family, I appreciate everything that each and everyone of you have done to help me grow over the years. You’re the reason I’m finally able to follow my dreams so thank you!!


I think everything is starting to sink in for me, things are going to be changing, my normal schedule is going to get flipped upside down but all of this change will be good and I will get a new schedule and routine down. Keeping myself on that schedule I’m sure will take a little time to get used to ย and I may need to make a few adjustments but I love challenges! I have my little assistant ready to help with whatever tasks I need!


At least he looks like he knows what he’s doing ๐Ÿ™‚

Cannot wait to start setting things into place, I think the anticipation is the hardest part!

I also realized this weekend that I got away from my Monday updates of my baby napping with his animals! As I was walking through the room looking at how cute they are together I realized that I needed to take a pic! Look how big my little monster is getting ๐Ÿ™‚ Time really flies!!


My Exciting Career Opportunity!!

Iย have some very exciting news to share today!!! I think this has been long over due and in case you haven’t heard I’m making a career change!! Finally following my passion and found a position part time as a marketing specialist so I can use a little of my creativity that has been suppressed for so long. Being part time also means that I’ll get to spend more quality time with my boys and work on my own side business!

I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for me and what doors will begin to open. Just speaking about my new career path over the past few days has been a wonderful feeling and I feel like I’m just grinning from ear to ear as I tell people. If you know anyone that needs any branding help or design work send them my way. I’m in the process of updating my shop and site to reflect this a little more but things have been very busy. I’ll still be doing some knit and crochet work on the side and of course my illustrations and paintings but I think things will be sporadic, as I have time or as custom orders come through.

This past week I’ve been working on a new website for a local business Buffalo Hollow (for those of you invited to my wedding, yes this is the same place ๐Ÿ™‚ ) It’s been a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things, especially when I can stop and think that this will be my life from now on. Be sure to stop by their site and check them out, they have a few new concerts going on this summer and yes they have buffalo meat for sale (not listed on the site yet). Site is still a work in progress, especially the Tickets & Vendor tab but let me know your thoughts!!



Summer is knocking on our door and my garden is in full bloom it seems! We got a rain a few days ago that really seemed to wake everyone up, most of the plants have begun flowering and we even have two peppers already!! Love tending to our garden, it’s a great new chore that we’ve started that gets the whole family involved and hopefully our kids will grow up making healthy decisions and knowing how to care for themselves. It’s truly amazing how easy and fun and healthy garden life can be, I’m surprised we didn’t do this sooner!

Happy Father’s Day & Product Photography

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend and got to wish all of their dad’s a very Happy Father’s Day!! I got to see my dad this weekend which was awesome, it had been a few weeks since I’ve seen them plus I got to spend the weekend with my boys dad! Can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of his present, I’ll have to get one for you guys maybe Wednesday but I got him an awesome glass from ScissorMill on Etsy that has both of the boys birthdays on it!! We both loved it, so unique and turned out beautifully!! Here’s a pic from Dogs with Dads, shame my older son couldn’t make it this time, we’ll have to get another pic for all 3 of them ๐Ÿ™‚


I also finished up another Son Gohan baby hat last week and thought I should get a few good product shots of it to update my Etsy shop, I tend to mail them out before getting a good pic and they seem to keep flying off the shelf! So I wanted a few quick snapshots but ended up with a little helper who thought his toes would be perfect for every shot!! hehe adorable toes, I just couldn’t say no! Looks like I’ll just have to take pics of the next hat I make!

Father’s Day & Full Moons

I hope everyone is excited for Father’s Day weekend!! At least here in Ohio it’s supposed to be gorgeous outside so I can’t wait, plus we get to head out to see my parents, I know my oldest is quite excited for that! Yesterday was Dogs with Dads at our youngest’s school which I heard was a blast and the kids were all so adorable. Ethan was very excited to see his dad for lunch! I’m still waiting on their pic, oddly enough the school insisted on taking my pic with him this morning and I received that but not with his dad…very weird ๐Ÿ™‚ Love myย crazy haired kid!!



I also finished up two Father’s Day portraits which I loved doing! Definitely going to have to promote these next year, they were so much fun to do!

And did you know today is the first full moon on a Friday the 13th in a couple of years but the next one isn’t supposed to happen until 2049?!?! That’s crazy! So glad today seemed like a fairly normal day, hope every one else’s went just as well! Have a great weekend!!


We have these two tree’s in our yard, huge maple tree’s, one is dying ( my favorite shade tree) and the other is coming up from the ground and looking a little dangerous. So we’ve decided it is time for them to come down and of course in normal fashion we’re doing it ourselves. Saved up for our chainsaw and now the first tree is coming down. We’re starting with my favorite shade tree as it will be the easiest to take down, two days into the project and we have two huge branches down. It’s already letting in a lot more light and is going to be very weird once it’s completely down. Here are a few pics and of course Ethan and I were very helpful along the way…playing on the lawn mower ๐Ÿ™‚




A DIY Weekend

Such a productive weekend!!ย I got a lot of my cleaning and shopping done Saturday and then Sunday I managed to finish my invitations!! They’ve been in pieces and parts for the past couple of weeks, I finally got the last of the paper needed to construct them yesterday and during nap time, I was able to get all of the envelopes for the cards made and once those were made I could start putting everything together and was able to stuff the actual mailing envelopes. Silly me did only buy half of the amount of stamps though so only half of them got mailed out today, bought the rest of the stamps today and will finish up the second half tonight! Start watching your mailboxes! ๐Ÿ™‚

Work in progress
Work in progress

I couldn’t find the exact paper I wanted for those handmade envelopes so I got a mix of colors, my original concept was for the espresso color so if you get one of those you can know that’s how they were intended to be designed! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I like the other colors too, they all turned out great I think! (I also had a little helper in the top right of my pic hehe)

And here’s my final product!! I think they turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself! (Can everyone tell my little gold dots are to be firefly’s??? I hope so, I thought it was a cute idea but then started second guessing myself!)




A little before nap time I decided to try my hand at our centerpieces too! A few weeks back, before little man got sick, we got some burlap and jars really cheap and I came up with the idea to cover the jars with the burlap and secure it with a little twine. I think they’re turning out pretty good, might go get some flowers to test it out and see if I want to make any changes. Now I need to figure out what to put with them or around them or if I leave them by themselves. So much to think about! Here’s my work in progress pic, still needs to be trimmed up a bit but you get the idea. Have half of them done, hoping to finish up the rest next weekend and start the sign for our “Cards” milk can ๐Ÿ™‚ Love all of these DIY projects!



Custom Portraits

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! Someone recently reached out to me to do a custom charcoal portrait for her to give to her husband for Father’s Day. It was an adorable picture of her husband and young baby and I thought it kind of funny of myself that I never thought to do this for our house! It’s funny how you find yourself doing all sorts of things at work or outside of the house but when it comes to looking in the mirror you realize that you tend to put yourself last. That is exactly how I felt. I loved doing this drawing and I think it turned out beautifully, I hope they really like it.


Working on this portrait made me realize I need to do another one for myself. Drew has been telling me that I have a couple of illustrations of little Drew and none of Ethan so I think he’s going to be my next subject and I think I have just the picture planned hehe Hope to work on his soon and will have pics to share ๐Ÿ˜€