A DIY Weekend

Such a productive weekend!! I got a lot of my cleaning and shopping done Saturday and then Sunday I managed to finish my invitations!! They’ve been in pieces and parts for the past couple of weeks, I finally got the last of the paper needed to construct them yesterday and during nap time, I was able to get all of the envelopes for the cards made and once those were made I could start putting everything together and was able to stuff the actual mailing envelopes. Silly me did only buy half of the amount of stamps though so only half of them got mailed out today, bought the rest of the stamps today and will finish up the second half tonight! Start watching your mailboxes! 🙂

Work in progress
Work in progress

I couldn’t find the exact paper I wanted for those handmade envelopes so I got a mix of colors, my original concept was for the espresso color so if you get one of those you can know that’s how they were intended to be designed! 🙂 But I like the other colors too, they all turned out great I think! (I also had a little helper in the top right of my pic hehe)

And here’s my final product!! I think they turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself! (Can everyone tell my little gold dots are to be firefly’s??? I hope so, I thought it was a cute idea but then started second guessing myself!)




A little before nap time I decided to try my hand at our centerpieces too! A few weeks back, before little man got sick, we got some burlap and jars really cheap and I came up with the idea to cover the jars with the burlap and secure it with a little twine. I think they’re turning out pretty good, might go get some flowers to test it out and see if I want to make any changes. Now I need to figure out what to put with them or around them or if I leave them by themselves. So much to think about! Here’s my work in progress pic, still needs to be trimmed up a bit but you get the idea. Have half of them done, hoping to finish up the rest next weekend and start the sign for our “Cards” milk can 🙂 Love all of these DIY projects!




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