My Exciting Career Opportunity!!

I have some very exciting news to share today!!! I think this has been long over due and in case you haven’t heard I’m making a career change!! Finally following my passion and found a position part time as a marketing specialist so I can use a little of my creativity that has been suppressed for so long. Being part time also means that I’ll get to spend more quality time with my boys and work on my own side business!

I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for me and what doors will begin to open. Just speaking about my new career path over the past few days has been a wonderful feeling and I feel like I’m just grinning from ear to ear as I tell people. If you know anyone that needs any branding help or design work send them my way. I’m in the process of updating my shop and site to reflect this a little more but things have been very busy. I’ll still be doing some knit and crochet work on the side and of course my illustrations and paintings but I think things will be sporadic, as I have time or as custom orders come through.

This past week I’ve been working on a new website for a local business Buffalo Hollow (for those of you invited to my wedding, yes this is the same place 🙂 ) It’s been a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things, especially when I can stop and think that this will be my life from now on. Be sure to stop by their site and check them out, they have a few new concerts going on this summer and yes they have buffalo meat for sale (not listed on the site yet). Site is still a work in progress, especially the Tickets & Vendor tab but let me know your thoughts!!



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