Future Endeavors!

So many things are running through my mind right now, so many changes and so many exciting turns. One of the things that I’m going to love most about my new part time schedule and having time with my boys is learning how to really use my DSLR. I got this camera a little before Ethan was born and was scared to death of the thing!! I slowly learned the importance of shutter speed and aperture and trying to figure out how to perfectly focus the darn thing, tack sharp, that was the goal!

Love some of the moments of my boys and can’t wait to start scrap booking again, the youngest only has about 2 pages so far! Here are a few of the images I’ve taken over the past week.

10410375_10102530765288104_8823148708680384688_n (1)




One thing is for certain though, I have some amazing co-workers who know how to make a girl feel loved! What a fun week and I cannot believe all that they have done for me to show their appreciation, had to fight back those tears a couple of times. I’m glad that I’ve formed some of these relationships and made an impact on their lives because Lord knows they’ve impacted mine! I’m sure I’ll be stopping in to say hi or will probably run into a few of them outside of the office.

Wishing the best to all and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It’s the Strawberry Festival in Poland, OH this weekend, you know where to find me 😀


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