Weeding, Harvesting & Crafting!


Progress is being made all around the house, makes it a little easier to breath each night knowing that things are being checked off the list.


With all of the rain that’s been coming down lately the weeds in my garden have been taking over and the rain prevents me from getting outside to even do any weeding but we finally had a week of decent weather and I was able to get out into the garden at least once a day. My hands were starting to wear raw but I managed to make it through the entire box bed before another set of weeds could take over! Took a few wheelbarrows of weeds back to the woods but it’s at least complete and now manageable. I feel like our plants are MUCH happier now, they’re all standing tall and I at least feel like they’re starting to spread out a bit and most of them have fruit on them. I won’t let that happen again! We’ve definitely been eating well again and I just picked two more squash and two cucumbers, I think it’s almost time to start canning and blanching our crops as they come in. My boys have even joined in the fun and helped shuck the pea’s for tonight’s dinner!



Now if we could control the deer, we thought we had them all under control but then they nipped at 3 of our squash and zucchini plants. Sprayed a little more of our organic deer repellent in hopes that they’ll stay away.


I also managed to work on my little tags for the flip flops at my wedding; they are now all tagged and ready for the wedding. It was one of those things that I kept putting on the backburner and just needed to check it off the list before I waited too long. And of course, I sat down with all of my supplies to start working and Ethan accidentally touched something in our garage that slid down and pinched his hand. I made two flip flops before I had to jump up and play doctor for a bit, and then a lot of cuddling was needed. I would say about 2 hours and I had my 15 flip flops done! Haha the joys of having kids! Beginning to think planning a wedding before you have kids would probably be easier J



R&R Weekend


We had a surprisingly relaxing weekend for a change, did a little shopping where my youngest insisted on running up and down all of the aisles laughing while my older son had to chase him. He definitely earned his new Lego set that day! Shopping alone with a toddler is often much harder than it seems, I was so thankful to have the extra hands.


Then my oldest son’s friend came over for the night. We planned on camping out in the backyard but in normal Ohio fashion it had to rain, they still had fun indoors and we managed to get to the pool before the rain started so things worked out perfectly. Little Ethan still hates the pool or water or people or whatever his issue is J Screamed for “MAMA!!” the entire time we were in the pool, even when I was holding him. I think everyone knew who I was by the time we left! But as soon as they called for break and we went to the playground he was a new kid, nothing but smiles and he slid down all of the slides he could find! That boy is definitely a daredevil and would go down slides that I thought were too big for him, one’s that I had to crawl up and lift him into just so he could go down. Ended the night with a little pizza, wings and a couple of movies!


I also finished weeding my garden to a point that it’s now manageable and it doesn’t look like we need to mow it! That’s a huge weight off my shoulders, so once that was complete I rested!

Enjoying a little R&R, notice Ethan's footrest
Enjoying a little R&R, notice Ethan’s foot rest


Now it’s back to the grind, finished two new items for my fall line in my Etsy shop and started sketching out a new mural for my youngest son’s room. Still brainstorming a few other new product concepts and will hopefully have some more exciting info in the coming weeks!


Falling Into A Groove

Things are slowly but surely falling into place over here. I feel like the past few weeks were just getting comfortable with a new routine and trying to figure things out but I’ve started implementing a few new ideas and have a few new clients on the horizon which is super exciting! I was even able to begin working on another new project the other night. I have a sneaky suspicion that this fall is going to be very busy for me for two reasons, one I have a lot of coals in the fire right now and two fall always picks up for my knitting/Etsy shop as people prepare for Christmas and winter.

I feel as though I’m going in a million different directions right now to get things in place but in the back of my mind I know this is the calm before the storm. Stay tuned to see what new projects I have going on, possibly a few craft shows and a lot of new items will be in my shop this fall and I may even branch off into a second shop!!

Things have been changing so much that I’ve started cooking more and cooking from the garden!! Here’s my stuffed squash I made tonight (made up the recipe and the squash was from the garden!) Also made some pea’s from the garden, but this was my plate and well, I don’t like pea’s 🙂


Summer Garden Harvest

I honestly don’t know where the summer has gone, it’s nearly the end of July and I feel like summer just started! There are just so many things to do throughout the summer and by the time you look up it’s almost over. One of those things on my list is my garden. I LOVE my garden and still wonder why I didn’t do this sooner, it’s a lot of work but so plentiful and so much fun to watch grow. We love going out there by fall time and harvesting daily and having fresh veggies with dinner. I went out the other day to weed, strangely therapeutic, and was just amazed at the growth of some of our veggies. I weeded our beans last week and now they have room to grow and blossom, sure enough they were all riddled with flowers and a handful of beans. Our peas have really taken off and actually need to be harvested in the next day or two to make room for more growth. And don’t forget those squash, our summer squash have been feeding us over the past few weeks and now we have little acorn squash and butternut’s out there! One of my favorite are the cucumbers 🙂 Love them raw and I LOVE pickling them!!! Picked my first cucumber just the other day and need to go get a few more, looks like it’s almost time to pickle…still wondering why I didn’t grow my own dill this year, but it’s definitely on the list for next year. I didn’t get too many pics but here’s one of our broccoli’s standing proud and tall!!


Night Out at the Vineyard

Weekends always seem to fly by and this weekend was no different. It was an awesome weekend though, we picked up my oldest from my parents’ house after two weeks!! Ugh, felt like an eternity without him, so thankful he’s home again. I know he was happy to stay with them and get spoiled rotten but we definitely missed him. His little brother thought he was sleeping for the past week and how do you try to explain things to someone who isn’t even two yet, so we went with it! 😀

Besides picking Drew up we also stayed with my parents and went out with my sister and some friends to a winery to celebrate our upcoming wedding. We went to Perrenial Vineyards and enjoyed some delicious pizza, wine and awesome company! It’s been so long since we’ve been able to go out and even longer since we’ve seen our friends so it was great to get out. The winery was very nice as well, it was rustic with stone walls, old barrel and dim lighting. We really enjoyed our time out!

Rise & shine at grandma and papa's!
Rise & shine at grandma and papa’s!

Our fun times have come to an end and it’s time to get reorganized, set a business plan in place and get to work! Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend as well!


Summer Mini Photo Shoot!

Yesterday turned out to be a gorgeous day, it wasn’t too hot and the sun was shining. My youngest and I had a few errands to run in the morning and he was such a trooper, shopping is never at the top of the fun list for boys! Then we spent the rest of the day outside soaking up the sun and fresh air and testing our boundaries! Gotta love toddlers and their never ending persistence, this past week especially we’ve been working on NOT going into the street. My little man will stand at the end of the drive way, toe’s touching the pavement of the road and just smile. Then you see his little toe’s creeping up onto the pavement as he waits to see if you’re paying attention to him. And of course he must pick up a few loose stones nearby and throw them into the road to see if you’ll go get them or if possibly he can go get them.

There was nothing but smiles yesterday. I even grabbed my camera hoping for a little photo shoot and he allowed it! Typically he’ll turn away from me but he let me photograph him yesterday so I rolled with it. Have a new tactic on how to get him out in front of me to where I can actually get some shots without him sitting on me the whole time. At one point I even asked him to go do something cute so I could take his picture, I soon learned that you have to be careful what you ask for, he was happy and letting my take his pic but he was also plucking the petals off of my flowers, at least they’ll grow back!

Here’s a few of the pics from yesterday.

He may look like he just loves flowers but he was really plucking those petals off 😀

I always thought this spot looked kinda cool all worn down so I had to take his pic here too.

I know it was a lot of pics but I just can’t resist this sweet, ornery face!!! He turned 22 months old today, time is flying by!!

Wedding Weekend

It was a wedding themed weekend for me, very busy but pretty productive. We started started off by pinning down our pie order for our own wedding that’s coming up, I’ve never been a fan of cake and with the “rustic” theme we’re going with pie only seemed right. Found the best little Dutch place to order them from and thankfully my little assistant was on his best behavior that day and got a little sample piece to enjoy!


After ordering our pies someone fell asleep in the car which gave me just enough time to nearly finish our centerpieces and create the banner for our “cards” container at the wedding! Love the feeling of checking things off that never-ending list!!

20140711_104456_resizedThen Saturday it was time to think about someone else’s wedding for a change, it was a nice reprieve and a good chance for me to get a few more ideas! It’s always fun being with the family and this wedding happened to be at a barn with livestock! It was definitely a huge hit for all of the kids there and made things easier on us parents  🙂 It was a beautiful atmosphere and a wonderful country drive to get there.

Then to end our weekend we managed to find our caterer! Had some awesome BBQ today, they don’t have our pig roast but I think this place will do just fine. Feels like I’m checking things off the list but the list never seems to shrink. I think Tuesday’s task will be shopping for shoe’s and the boys outfits. I have to at least tackle these large items, the small one’s will just somehow work out!


Strawberry Picking, Tree Chopping and Much More!

Things have been a little chaotic lately and trying to get organized and on a new schedule has been a little harder lately but I’m determined to get a new system down! First I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I know we did, it was jam packed with fun beginning with Friday we had a few errands then stopped by great grandma’s and then to grandma and papa’s for a little BBQ and off to see the Akron fireworks, they were a little disappointing but that’s ok, we were just happy to be watching them. Then the drive home was pretty awesome watching fireworks on the horizon for the majority of our drive, well at least until I started nodding off, thankfully I wasn’t driving!

Saturday turned into a beautiful day and we decided to take a country drive to a couple of Amish markets where we ended up picking strawberries!! This was a first for me and was so much fun, I think Ethan loved it, at least all of the juice that was running down his face made it seem that way 🙂 We tried to pay extra for everything that he ate in the field but they wouldn’t take our money!

Then Sunday ended up being our tree cutting day, took two huge branches off and we’re still working on cleaning that mess up, but it’s progress!! Lot’s of determination over here 🙂


Ethan has also been really busy trying to help me get organized and get my business together. He’s just a great little assistant and always keeping me on my toes! I must admit though, I do love those two hour naps in the afternoon and it’s amazing how much I can get done in such a short period of time, not knowing how soon he may wake! hehe

All of that napping sure wears a kid out! He passed out on the back of my legs while I worked at the computer 🙂


Day Two!

It’s only day two of my new schedule and changes but I must say things are going pretty well. First day on the new job went well, didn’t get to do a whole lot yet but that was to be expected. I must say that it was weird being at work and sitting in front of a computer and not doing 10 things at once from the time I walk in the door to the time that I left. This might be good for me, a chance to recharge and see things differently. Everybody was very welcoming though so I’m hopeful for a new career path there.

Today was my first day off with the boys (that wasn’t a weekend or holiday) and I think we were very productive! I managed to finish one of my projects for my fall line, took a bunch of new product photos and updated a handful of those in my Etsy shop, I decided to go with a natural backdrop since most of my items will be of natural fibers in the coming months. This also gave me the opportunity to work with my camera a little more and figure things out. I also worked on another random project that could be a future product in my shop and figured out a great new technique with it. On top of all of that I managed to make some cookies and mulched the garden, phew! Ready to go back to the office now 😀