Down To The Wire

With just over two weeks to go until wedding bells I’m realizing that I didn’t quite have everything together like I had mentally thought. Granted there are a handful of things that have to wait until the last minute like the flowers or shopping for hors’ devours but once you write down those last minute things the list seems a little daunting. Now they are small simple things for the most part but I think it’s time to mentally prepare for a hectic two weeks! Not to mention a lot of hoping and praying that a certain someone takes their two hours naps every day that I’m home I just keep thinking, things would be a lot easier in this planning if I was 20 without any kids but hey, where’s the fun in that?!? At least they like to help and sometimes we end up with happy mistakes! 

Boys in the waiting area of the fitting rooms...AKA time to get dad's outfit for the wedding!
Boys in the waiting area of the fitting rooms…AKA time to get dad’s outfit for the wedding!

Somehow everything will work out and if we run out of time then oh well, I don’t think it’s worth stressing out over. Things will be beautiful either way, I’m just really hoping for dry weather but have back up plans just in case! You’ll probably be seeing a lot of wedding DIY’s and planning updates as time gets closer since I haven’t had much time for anything else. However, I have been slowly updating my new items to my Etsy Shop so be sure to stop over there, especially if you have kids! Get stocked up for fall and winter. And just think in two weeks things will be back to normal, well at least as normal as they can be!

Popsicle break with Rex!
Popsicle break with Rex!

Toddler Emergencies & DIY Wedding

I cannot believe the summer is coming to a close, many schools have actually even started back already. My oldest son returns the day after Labor Day so we still have two weeks to enjoy the long days. As many of you probably already heard, my youngest man found himself in the emergency room this past weekend and I can’t even say that we were out enjoying the weather. Somehow every time we’re in big brother’s room when we’re not supposed to be little man ends up getting hurt. This time he ended up falling head on into a bookshelf. It was one of those instinctual things that as soon as he hit I knew it split and just swooped him up and ran for the stairs. By the time we got to the bottom of the stairs there was blood all over the two of us. He was such a trooper though, he ended up getting three stitches and did awesome! Also, let me just say that the staff at St. E’s in Boardman was fabulous! We had no wait, got right in and the nurses were super nice to him and made the experience that much easier on all of us!


Of course that’s not how we planned on spending our Sunday afternoon, I still have a handful of new items to get into my Etsy shop, I have another custom order that will be finished up tonight, we have so many cucumbers that need processed and pickled oh and who can forget the wedding decorations and song list. I keep reminding myself that somehow this will all come together and I’ll still have my sanity at the end of it!

I did manage to finish another little DIY project in the past week, signs for the wedding!! Using an old fence I cut it to the appropriate size for the sign or plucked off individual boards depending on the sign I was making. Then I sketched out all of my sayings with a pencil and finished it off with a little white acrylic paint! I think they turned out awesome, can’t wait to see everything come together at the wedding!


Old fence pieces
Old fence pieces
Pieces cut to size, paint and paintbrush!
Pieces cut to size, paint and paintbrush!
Paint whatever sayings you would like
Paint whatever sayings you would like

Taking a Moment for Meso

It’s been more than 30 years since the peak usage of asbestos here in the United States but it seems we’re finding more and more cases of Mesothelioma popping up. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is most commonly caused by the exposure to asbestos. Symptoms of Mesothelioma can lie dormant for up to 30-60 years which is one of the reason’s we’re now hearing about more people with the disease. Every year approximately 3,000 people are diagnosed with Mesothelioma and most are only given about 10 months to live, the prognosis is very poor. Research for early detection is ongoing but meanwhile families are being torn apart by the loss of their loved ones and the struggles they endure.

One of those families that found themselves in the middle of this disease is the Von St James’. Wife and mother, Heather Von St James is a rare survivor of Mesothelioma. Just three months after welcoming their daughter, Lily, into the world, Heather was given just 15 months to live. The removal of her left lung and multiple treatments saved her life and 8 years later she has beat the odds.

Heather Von St. James copy Heather and Family (1)

Heather is just one of a few survivors of Mesothelioma and continuous research is being done to learn more about it and to help find a cure for this disease. If you would like to learn more or help aid their research you can go to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

New Children’s Items!!

What is cuter than children’s fashion these days?!? I know I always find myself staring at the little kids clothes and shoes and hats even if they don’t fit either of my boys or those little girl outfits adorable!!! Then I find myself thinking, who can I buy this for! 🙂 Well with so many adorable items out there I thought I would come up with a few of my own. In the coming weeks I’ll be getting my new kids animal hats and arm warmers in my shop!! So stinking cute, I can hardly keep my boys out of them! It time to stock up for fall and winter so here are a few sneak peak pics, oh and if you want any animals that you don’t see appearing in my shop let me know and I’ll come up with something for you!


DIY Rustic Wedding Decor WIP

Phew, I feel like this past week was a whirlwind, thankfully things should kinda slow down this week, at least as far as meetings go. I also went to my parents house over the weekend and saw my brother and sister and some family friends which was a nice little break from the rest of the chaos that’s going on. We also finished chopping down our large maple tree from the backyard!! All by ourselves, was there ever any doubt?!? 🙂  Once the tree came down we started cutting some of our centerpieces and such that will be used at the wedding and realized that this one branch in particular made perfect little hearts!! I was soooo excited, perfect for the wedding, now I need to figure out exactly how I’m using them!





I also took it upon myself to start another little project…signage! This will soon become a handful of signs 🙂



And just as a little garden side note, I never realized how broccoli flowered. Did you know that the florets that we eat really are the beginning of flowers? We just harvest them before they bloom?? I don’t know how I went through life without knowing that but here’s one of our broccoli plants that we didn’t harvest in time!


Where is the time going?!?

I’ve come to realize that as you procrastinate the planning of your wedding the more you end up doing in a week’s time. I think we have something going on every other day this week to help finalize things, who knew that everyone you hire wants to meet with you 2 and 3 times before the wedding to make sure everything is perfect. We’re really not that high maintenance, thought a simple “you’re hired!” would suffice 🙂

I’m also trying to finish up some of the decorations and random items and I feel like we have random boxes of stuff spilling out of rooms because we don’t know where to put them until the wedding. I KNOW I’ll be running around like a maniac the day before the wedding, so much for a nonchalant little shindig! haha

I must say though, I am enjoying my extra days off from work and they’re helping me to get a few more things done around the house, those wedding projects completed and more time with my boys. I have a handful of new items ready to go for my Etsy shop and will begin adding those in the next week or two, can’t wait to unveil those items!

Oh and now my youngest has learned one of the many fun things to do on a computer, watch Disney & Nick Jr. videos…it’s going to be hard to weasel my way onto my own computer with these two boys hogging it all of the time 🙂 Feeling like I need to start busting ass so I can buy myself a new one and not let the kids take it over!


With my time off I was able to capture another napping shot of my youngest with his BFF Rex 🙂 Ethan was just starting to wake up but they were sleeping right by each other ❤