Toddler Emergencies & DIY Wedding

I cannot believe the summer is coming to a close, many schools have actually even started back already. My oldest son returns the day after Labor Day so we still have two weeks to enjoy the long days. As many of you probably already heard, my youngest man found himself in the emergency room this past weekend and I can’t even say that we were out enjoying the weather. Somehow every time we’re in big brother’s room when we’re not supposed to be little man ends up getting hurt. This time he ended up falling head on into a bookshelf. It was one of those instinctual things that as soon as he hit I knew it split and just swooped him up and ran for the stairs. By the time we got to the bottom of the stairs there was blood all over the two of us. He was such a trooper though, he ended up getting three stitches and did awesome! Also, let me just say that the staff at St. E’s in Boardman was fabulous! We had no wait, got right in and the nurses were super nice to him and made the experience that much easier on all of us!


Of course that’s not how we planned on spending our Sunday afternoon, I still have a handful of new items to get into my Etsy shop, I have another custom order that will be finished up tonight, we have so many cucumbers that need processed and pickled oh and who can forget the wedding decorations and song list. I keep reminding myself that somehow this will all come together and I’ll still have my sanity at the end of it!

I did manage to finish another little DIY project in the past week, signs for the wedding!! Using an old fence I cut it to the appropriate size for the sign or plucked off individual boards depending on the sign I was making. Then I sketched out all of my sayings with a pencil and finished it off with a little white acrylic paint! I think they turned out awesome, can’t wait to see everything come together at the wedding!


Old fence pieces
Old fence pieces
Pieces cut to size, paint and paintbrush!
Pieces cut to size, paint and paintbrush!
Paint whatever sayings you would like
Paint whatever sayings you would like

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