Raising Awareness – Danielle’s Doll Drive

It has been nearly a year since my cousins’ early10154287_10203418529487877_1082118119_n departure from the physical world. She was a sweet and caring soul that left us too soon. I want to help raise awareness for suicide prevention in her name, so everything will be going to help fund the cause Danielle’s Doll Drive.

In remembrance of Danielle’s love for all things Barbie, Danielle’s Doll Drive was started by her parents to help collect new dolls, toys and monetary donations for hospitalized children. Danielle spent many nights in hospitals. Even as a young adult on the pediatric floor her eyes would light up when the “toy lady” came around. Something as simple as a stuffed animal would make her day.

In order to help raise awareness for suicide prevention and to help fund Danielle’s Doll Drive I’m going to be donating 20% of all of my sales from now until the end of April. This will be through any of my shops including Etsy knit shop, Etsy card shop, my website and personal side sales. I have marked all of my spring knit jewelry down considerably to help sales for this time of year in my knit shop. Or if you’d prefer you may donate directly to Danielle’s Doll Drive and be sure to ‘like’ their Facebook page if you have an account.

Thank you so much for the love and support, her family truly is grateful!



Happy Spring!! I’m hoping mother nature realizes it’s spring and starts warming things up around here, I am ready!

Its official according to my midwife yesterday the baby is now ‘half-baked’! I couldn’t help but laugh when she told me that at my appointment. I’m sure she meant baked like a turkey but of course my mind has to take it another way HAHA


Either way I’m now halfway through this pregnancy, 20 weeks down, 20 more to go! I don’t know where the time has gone. Perhaps it’s flying by since I didn’t go to the doctor until I was about 11 weeks along and almost through with my first trimester but I feel like we’re just cruising. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have anything for this baby besides a few boxes of diapers and about four outfits.

Now I know why my sister always complained about being the baby of the family, being a parent you’re really out of that excitement and energy by the third kid. I’m not saying there’s less love, we’re all super excited to meet the little guy, but I already anticipate plenty of hand me downs from my older kids (even if it’s a girl). In the back of my mind I kind of know this one won’t have a super fancy scrapbook filled to the brim with pictures but will probably end up with a shoebox filled with loose pictures. Forget new toys, we have so many toys we don’t know what to do with them so I hope this one likes trucks, dinosaurs and swords! This one doesn’t even get a bedroom right now but we will make a little nook in the corner of our room for the bassinette.

As with my other pregnancies I know it will all come together somehow. No sense in worrying about the small details!

I followed through with my appointment yesterday and did NOT find out what we’re having. However, I must admit that I was trying to stare really hard at the monitor just in case I could catch a glimpse of something 😀 Ethan was with me though and was less than impressed with the ultrasound. In fact he really didn’t like that she turned out the lights in the room and it was dark. He kept me nice and distracted as I tried to lay still while making sure he wasn’t getting into anything he shouldn’t be. He really wanted to go home and stood close to the door and kept staring at it as if he was going to try and open it, he was also very tempted by the many drawer handles he kept seeing everywhere in the room, he was hugging my boots from time to time and even crawled under the stirrups so he could come to my bedside and hold my hand.

We did get plenty of fun pictures to take home and the 20150319_124709_resizeddoctor was able to get all of her measurements done before any meltdowns happened. In one of the pictures it even looked like the baby was yawning or talking to us! I always love getting the ultrasounds, makes you realize that there’s really a little person inside of you.

As with everything related to my belly Ethan was very protective of the pictures of his “baby sister” (Ethan believes strongly that he’s getting a sister and that this is HIS baby so I recommend not touching my belly in his presence or you will get yelled at. haha) and didn’t want either of the Drew’s looking at them.

Gotta love that “MINE” phase with toddlers!

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a beautiful weekend! I cannot complain about 60 degrees in March, in Northeast Ohio. I just wish it would stick around for a few more days.

We tried to take full advantage of the warmer weather this weekend. Even though it was only 40 degrees on Sunday we managed to bundle everyone up and get out to the zoo. My two year old insists that it’s his zoo (everything is apparently his right now) and has been talking about it for what seems to be weeks now. With the cooler temps and the St. Patty’s weekend festivities11060312_10103254740051874_2459003960040481716_n there weren’t too many people at the zoo which was perfect for us. We could move at our own leisurely pace and were able to see everyone that was out. Since we had cooler temps the zoo even did a little Penguin Parade and we got to watch them waddle around outside and squawking up close. We had no idea they even did such a thing in the winter but were pretty excited when we saw the sign since it’s one of my two-year olds favorite animals.

11009842_10103254740171634_6249204054670320121_nI think the zoo was a big success since that is all that I heard about yesterday. Good thing we bought some animal crackers this weekend as well because my son was living off of those and would only eat the animals he saw at the zoo. We might need to make another trip in the next two or three weeks!

Yesterday was our wonderful 60 degree and sun 11050163_10103257533379024_906575647943703364_nweather and I had to get my youngest out of the house to run and play. Although the grass is really swampy right now we were still able to play on the driveway with his many toys and he was able to run around with the dog and cat and play chase close to the house. It’s so good to get out and breathe the fresh air and stretch our legs. Hopefully all of the melted snow will dry up soon enough and I’ll be able to get out to the park or go hiking soon, I know we could all use it!

Spring is in the air and so are babies!

Spring is in the air and it seems like baby showers have been aplenty! I feel like so many of my friends have either recently had a baby or are expecting one in the coming months. With the sudden boom of births lately I decided to create a few new cards for my Etsy shop for all of the expectant mothers and for their friends who need to get just the right card.

Here’s a peak at a few of my new designs:


You have the option of purchasing my cards individually or you may purchase a group of 5 cards at a discounted price of $15. If you do choose to get 5 cards you can mix and match your selection and you can duplicate cards in the pack, they do not all have to be different.

Please take a peak and hopefully you’ll find something you like!

March Madness Fundraising

As I looked at my planner this weekend I realized just how many causes I’m working for at the moment. There are so many worthy causes out there and so many individuals that can use the support, just knowing that someone cares can make a world of difference to those in need.

I currently have three different fundraising efforts that I’m working for and at least one or two more in the near future.

st-jude-logoThe first organization that my family is trying to support is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They’ve always been at the forefront of organizations that I would like to help when and if the opportunity would present itself. My son came home from school the other week with a flyer saying that they would be doing a Math-a-thon to help raise funds for St. Jude and he looked at me and asked, “Can we do this?!” How do you say no to your child who eagerly wants to participate in a fundraiser for such a good cause? You don’t! I signed him up for the fundraiser and a week later we received our book of math problems for him to complete. When he told me he received the book from school he pulled it out of his book bag to show me and at the same time told me he already completed ALL of the problems! He’s well on his way to helping to raise funds for this worthy cause. I want to thank everyone that has contributed so far! If you’re interested in helping my son reach his goal and don’t live near us you may go to his fundraising page and pledge a specified dollar amount, they accept all major credit cards and paypal!

My second opportunity is actually a food drive for the Rescue Missionmission of the Mahoning Valley. I’ve been helping to head our corporate community service program at work and this year we chose to put all of our efforts into one organization in hopes of building a stronger bond with the organization and their clients. We chose the Rescue Mission because of their ability to not only help those in need by giving them shelter and three hot meals a day, every day of the year but also because they give those same people the opportunity to better themselves. They offer an academy for many to go through to learn the basics of resume building, employment and computer literacy. They help patrons learn how to manage their money so they are prepared for when they leave, they will be able to stand on their own two feet. Last month we volunteered to clean tables and serve meals in their kitchen, this month we’re doing a food drive and are collecting canned goods. Our drive runs through the end of March, if anyone would like to donate please contact me or you can also make a monetary contribution on their website.

SOMO logo center 2 colorLastly, I was approached by the Special Olympics of Missouri for a fundraiser that they are holding. I’ve always felt that the Special Olympics give opportunities to those who might not always have every door open to them and gives people the chance to feel normal without judgment. My shop Melissa Nagy Designs (Two of A Kind) is donating a gift certificate to their upcoming auction on April 9th to help support their cause. If you live in the St. Joseph, Missouri area please stop on out to their auction, it’s sure to be a good time and you could win a gift certificate to my shop! If you’re not in the area, like me, feel free to stop by their page and you can make monetary contributions there.

Phew, that’s a lot going on! And in about two more weeks I’m going to have an opportunity for you to participate in that will involve my shop and helping a very worthy cause that is near and dear to my heart so stay tuned!!

If you are interested in helping out with any of the above mentioned organizations please do not hesitate to contact me and I can get you any information needed. It feels so good to pay it forward and take a step back from your own life from time to time and look at the bigger picture. Thanks again for all of the support to those who have already made contributions!

Week of Chaos

The past week has flown by so fast I can hardly believe that it’s the weekend again! My youngest came down with the flu and thank goodness no one else in the family did but in normal fashion the smallest one’s require the most attention.

20150302_105258_resizedOh how I love spending my days cuddling on the couch with my smallest love but at the same time it breaks my heart to seem him so helpless. Unable to get much sleep but not able to play on his own we spent most of the past week watching reruns of the Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol. I can say that after a 14 hour rest the other day he seems to be back to his normal, ornery self!

It’s funny how kids can make you think you’re losing your mind but when they’re sick and the house is quiet you almost miss that chaos!

During that 14 hour rest he had the other day we managed to actually watch a movie, yes, one with real people and not animation! And I began working on a new wool hat. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve started a new knit project so I was eager to break out some new yarn from my collection. Even with spring around the corner I can’t help but create another hat, seems to be my mood recently.

With a new little one on the way and spring around the corner I’m contemplating more children’s items in my future. I’ve tossed this idea around a couple of times so far and haven’t fully executed it yet so I don’t want to get ahead of myself. But I am thinking after this hat I will begin a few new items for kids, I’ll keep you posted on that status.

The weather seems like it might actually let up this weekend and my family cannot wait! We’re planning a handful of outdoor activities to enjoy the sun and 30 degree temps and will patiently wait for those 50’s that the weathermen keep promising us!