Halloween Costumes

Hard to believe September is coming to a close, but with that it reminds me how incredibly behind I am for the holidays and starting them all off is one of my favorite holidays…HALLOWEEN!!!

In the past I have always made my sons Halloween costumes and he could pick anything that he wanted to be and I would some how figure out how to make it. This year however is different, I really hate buying my babies first costume but I honestly don’t think time is going to allow for two homemade costumes this year 😦 Breaks my heart!

With that said however, my older son and I have begun looking for costumes and let me say I’m not impressed! I think for the past 9 years I have lived inside my own creative mind for costumes that I never paid attention to the department store costumes. Let me just say that there is no selection, they’re all over priced and really cheaply made. I found myself turning to Google last night and we think we have a costume for my older son now but we still have the baby to go. In my mind he was going to be a cute cuddly bear but I’m not finding any of those. Oy!! Back to the drawing board of baby costumes!

Does anyone have any good places to go for costumes?? I’ve looked at Spirit Halloween and Target and random emails for stores I get in my inbox. Thanks for the help!!